Rainbow Connection by Alexa Milne

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rainbow connectionBlurb

Two men, one with a past, and one determined to give them a future, together.

Mick Flanagan has kept himself hidden since his only lover died three years ago. He works at night, keeps to his routine, has impressive facial hair, and avoids contact with other people. Enter Ceri Llewellyn, with his constantly changing rainbow-coloured hair, who seems determined to talk to him. Gradually, Mick tells his story and begins to trust Ceri, but Mick has a past that contains more than just a dead lover. Can Ceri show him that he deserves to be loved and, above all else, help him find his true self?



This was a surprisingly different book than I expected. I was thinking it would be a fairly fluffy geek/nerd love story with a twinky/goofball and instead I got a fairly rich, and deep story about a deeply controlled man who has never been on his own and doesn’t know what to do when he is.

Mick’s mom is a piece of work. She never let Mick stray far from her grasp all throughout his childhood, threatening home schooling and demanding almost complete isolation from him while instilling fear of the outside world into his head. It is only dumb luck that Mick finds love at the hands of a paramedic, Alfie, who both saves his life and rescues him from his mom.

But Alfie has his own imperfections and he, too never let Mick be his own man. He loved Mick, to be sure, but he controlled him and never let him flourish. Neither his mom nor Alfie encouraged his creativity or self-reliance and when Alfie suddenly dies, Mick is on his own. (His mom kicked him out for being gay, of course.)

Now, three years later, Mick is coping – just – but still not thriving. He meets Ceri (pronounced Sherry – it’s a Welsh name) at work and is immediately captivated by the outgoing man who literally changes his hair color each week.

Ceri is a big kid – not quite but almost ready to settle down and admit he will never be a pro-skateboarder at the age of 27. He meets Mick and thinks he sees a diamond in the rough hiding behind the awkwardness and the bushy beard.

The two start to get to know one another and Mick slowly comes out of his shell. Here things move along rapidly (maybe a bit too rapidly) and they become lovers. But Mick is still holding tight to his dead-lover’s memory and can’t let Ceri in.

Only when an old friend interferes can he really let Ceri in and get past Alfie. At the same time he finds out his mother is dying from cancer and may only have a limited time left around for building bridges.

What really surprised me about this story was how much growth we got to witness in Mick. He really was so controlled, but in both cases lovingly, if not dangerously. Ceri has to dance around helping him without taking over and becoming the next leader Mick follows blindly.

All in all I really enjoyed this and will definitely look for more from this author.

4.25 of 5 hearts



Jeremy (Whitedell Pride #5) by Catherine Lievens

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When a small action completely changes your life, you have to learn how to make the best out of it.

Jeremy’s life is centered on his three-year-old son, Adam, and his work. He’s a single dad, and as such he doesn’t have time for friends or girlfriends. Then he meets two brothers, and with them, a tall, silent man who fascinates him. But Jeremy isn’t gay…right?

Denver thinks he’ll soon be gone from Whitedell. He doesn’t have a family or friends and is with the pride only to do his job, at least until he finds his mate. He doesn’t want to claim Jeremy, but that choice is taken away from him, and he has to learn to live with a mate and a small child.

The two work hard on creating a life for themselves and raising Adam together, but someone from Jeremy’s past works against them. They will have to fight to keep their new family together and to keep Adam safe.


As with books 1-4 Denver is a shifter, Tiger this time, and Jeremy is an unsuspecting human who is also a single dad.
Jeremy, in fact, identifies as straight but open to all types of love, before meeting Denver. Denver, however, is NOT in the market for a mate and tries to brush Jeremy off.

Jamie and his brother have other ideas and push the two together. When Denver accidently cuts himself, Jeremy accidentally ingests some, thus starting their bond. Now it is up to Denver to complete the bond, otherwise Jeremy could die.

In addition, Jeremy’s ex is now wanting the son she abandoned at birth and is giving the Pride trouble.

Luckily they all figure things out and find true love and a HEA.


Sure, the storyline is pretty similar, but this book stands out from the rest because of the GFY element, the child/parenting element and (unfortunately) the psycho female ex element.

Though I loved the first two, the last always makes me cringe. If only (female especially) authors would just give the crazy ex some sort of vulnerability and logic that would explain their craziness it would be easier to swallow. Basically we are left wondering how our sweet Jeremy ever hooked up with the psycho beyotch in the first place!

I loved the twist at the end with Adam and look forward to Ani’s story very much!

However… I really enjoyed this book, best of the 5 in my opinion, and I recommend it.

4 of 5 hearts



A Vampire in Waikiki (Book 1) by AJ Llewellyn

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vampire waikikiBlurb

Gay-for-pay porn star Jimmy Thunder doesn’t just have a double life, he’s got three. Just when he thinks he has all his big secrets under control, he discovers mind-blowing sex and the emerging feelings of true love with his gay co-star, Angelis. And it’s no fluke. These guys just can’t keep their hands off each other, doing unscripted, hot sex scenes that thrill their director, but for Jimmy, it’s actually one more problem he doesn’t need.

His most recent ex-girlfriend claims she’s pregnant, his current girl is fighting deportation, and just what is that deadly entity lurking in Angelis’ second bedroom? Jimmy knows an otherworldly monster when he feels one. And he ought to know, because Jimmy’s a vampire. Sleeping by day, hiding at night, Jimmy’s many secrets are about to collide in the sinister, dark side of tropical Waikiki few visitors ever see.


In this very unique vampire romance, Div aka Jimmy Thunder, is a gay for pay porn-star who falls for his co-star Tem aka Angelis. There is a lot – A LOT – of other drama to be sorted out:  ex girlfriends and ex mates and current girlfriends and a sister who then dates the now ex- girlfriend…
A lot of drama.

Eventually, Div owns up to being a vampire and converts Tem. Kalani, Div’s vampire sister, ends up with a mate of her own and everyone ends up happily ever after.


This is a book that I think you will either love or … well… not. It is very erotic, lots of sex – obviously with porn stars and all – but also very tender.

The drama and the exes can be exhausting and, for me, a little overwhelming to the main love story. Maybe because this is the start of a series there is a lot of back story involved?  Time will tell.

Though there is no doubt that Tem and Div love each other, I didn’t love how their story played out – a little too “open” in terms of relationships – and I didn’t really like seeing them having so much on page sex with other partners.

In the end it was a unique look at the world of vampires and a nice love story for those looking for something really different.

3 of 5 hearts



Lilah Suzanne’s ‘Spice’ Tour with Guest Post, Excerpt, and Giveaway

Spice 4x6x COVER-Front-1Excerpt:

“How about you? Did you always want to be a writer?”

“Yeah. I think I did.” He finally gives up on work completely and closes the laptop. “I mean. I guess what I write about is kind of pointless, but I wanted to be a poet once upon a time, so I guess it could be even more pointless,” he jokes.

Benji’s eyebrows knot. “It’s not. Why would it be pointless?”

Simon gives a humorless laugh. “I mean, I write a sex column for women. Not exactly moving prose or hard-hitting journalism.”

Benji scoots over little on the desk, sitting with his legs so close to where Simon is sitting low in his chair that he can smell Benji’s crisp laundry detergent and citrusy soap. He suddenly has to fight the urge to move a fraction to the left, press his nose to the inside seam of Benji’s jeans and breathe him in.

“You listen to people. You remind them that they’re valuable and worthy of love and respect. How is that not important?” Simon is struck speechless, chest tight and breath caught. Then Benji claps him on the shoulder and hops off the desk. “Come on. Let’s go have lunch.”
Pages or Words: 228 Pages



Interlude Press Web Store: http://store.interludepress.com/collections/frontpage/products/spice-by-lilah-suzanne-printed-book
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Spice-Lilah-Suzanne/dp/1941530257/ref=sr_1_1?ie=UTF8&qid=1423000037&sr=8-1&keywords=spice+lilah+suzanne

Ask the author:


Is there a message in your novel that you want readers to grasp?

More than anything I want the readers of Spice to come away from the story with a sense of happiness. In a genre that sways towards heavy drama and heartache, I wanted to offer something fun and funny, and a look at a relationship that’s about two people who genuinely like and take pleasure in one another.

The overall message would probably be that a relationship itself can be a compelling story. I wanted to take the standard story beats of a Rom Com, make it a little more modern and honest, and then take it beyond that: What happens after the happily ever after? I wanted to settle into this relationship and bring the reader inside. What does this committed relationship look like? How does it feel? What are the ups and downs and joys and sorrows within it? I want readers to fall in love with Simon and fall in love with Benji right along with him. And then I want them to fall in love with their relationship.

Stories about heartache and angst are important, and interesting, and certainly something I enjoy. But with Spice I really started from a place of wanting something that was fun and joyful, and I believe that not only is there room in the romance genre for this sort of story, but that it’s important and interesting and the type of narrative I wish I’d seen more of when I was figuring out what love looks like. If a reader comes away at the end of Spice with a smile on their face, then that’s more than enough of a message for me.

Author Bio:

Lilah Suzanne has been writing actively since the sixth grade, when a literary magazine published her essay about an uncle who lost his life to AIDS. A freelance writer, she also authored a children’s book and has a devoted following in the online fan community.

Where to find the author:
Facebook Author Page: https://www.facebook.com/lilahsuzanne
Twitter: @lilahsuzanne
Pinterest: https://www.pinterest.com/lilahsuzanne/

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Silvia Violet Tour with Guest Post, Excerpt, and Giveaway

Burning Up 600x900The title for this story came to me easily since I need something that fit with the series pattern: Fitting In, Sorting Out. Burning Up was a natural since the main characters are firefighters and when they get together things get really hot.

Here’s a “burning” excerpt….

Bryce scrolled through channels, but nothing struck his fancy until, on his second pass, he paused at an episode of some show he’d never seen and couldn’t stop watching, because some guy named Stiles had eyes and a smile just like Matt’s. At a commercial break, he discovered, embarrassingly, that he was watching Teen Wolf. God, he needed help.
But he didn’t turn the channel and soon a fantasy rolled in his head. In his mind, he was the detective questioning the young man, and then he wasn’t interested in talking anymore. He was interested in taking off Matt’s clothes, slowly, while he ordered him to stand still. At that point Bryce clicked the TV off, pushed Rollo off the couch, and shoved his pajama bottoms down so he could wrap a hand around his dick.
Toby joined Matt in Bryce’s fantasy, watching wide-eyed as Bryce bared Matt’s ass. Matt’s cock stood up and begged and Bryce sank to his knees, needing a taste. “Don’t move,” he ordered. Matt simply nodded.
Toby stepped closer. “Hold his hands behind his back,” Bryce told him.
Toby obeyed wordlessly.



“They’re watching you again,” Mason spoke in a low voice as he whizzed past Bryce, carrying drinks to the opposite end of the bar.
“You’re imagining things again.” Ever since Mason swore that Toby and Matt, who’d become regulars at the bar after Bryce started working there, were gay and interested in Bryce, he’d been teasing Bryce about their interest.
Bryce told himself not to look, but he couldn’t help glancing toward the corner booth where they always preferred to sit before going back to wiping down the bar. Did they sit there because it gave them a good view of the bar? Bryce scowled. No way in hell were his hands shaking. No way in hell was he letting himself get his hopes up. Even if they were gay, even if they were interested in him, starting something with two guys from work would be the pinnacle of idiocy. Hell, getting involved with more than one guy was insane from the start. Just because Mason and his boyfriends had made a threesome work didn’t make it realistic for Bryce. There was an exception to every rule.
“You’re wrong,” Bryce said as he passed Mason on his way to take a customer’s order.
Mason snorted in reply.
Bryce was glad to see the bar was filling up. He did not need to spend the next hour telling himself not to look at Toby and Matt. He did plenty of that at the firehouse. Toby’s smile could heat up and entire room and Bryce never wanted to look away from it, unless it was to contemplate running his hands through Matt’s wavy brown hair while staring into his dark eyes.
But if Mason was right and they were gay, maybe they really were lovers. If so, he had no business approaching them, whether they were watching him or not. Just because they liked to look didn’t mean they wanted to play. They didn’t need him fucking up whatever they had going.
Plus, they worked together. They were a team, with people’s lives on the line.
The line at the bar grew long, and Bryce got busy taking orders, making drinks, and ringing people up at the register. When things finally slowed down, he needed a bathroom break. As he headed to the back, he noticed Matt and Toby playing pool with a couple of guys he recognized as regulars. Toby waved and he waved back, hating the way his pulse accelerated. What the hell was wrong with him?
He pushed open the door of the restroom but failed to check his instinct to glance back over his shoulder. Toby’s eyes were glued to his ass. There was no doubt about it this time. He whirled back around before their gazes had a chance to meet.
So Toby wasn’t straight. Bryce had to admit that now. He was gay or at least bi, but he was just appreciating the scenery. That didn’t mean anything. Bryce appreciated guys’ asses all the time.
When Bryce left the bathroom, Toby and Matt were leaning in close, talking, arguing actually based on the angry expressions on their faces. Bryce hurried back to work, glad he didn’t have to decide whether to speak to them or not. Several minutes later, Toby appeared at the bar. Mason, the little bastard, wasn’t busy, but he made no move to take Toby’s order.
“What can I get you?” Bryce asked.
“Just cashing out our tab.” Our? Maybe Toby was just buying that night.
“Sure.” Bryce looked Toby’s name up in the register, ran his card, and handed him the receipt to sign.
“Thanks,” Toby said, flashing a smile that made his eyes twinkle. How was it that he made that single word sound flirtatious? Bryce was supposed to be the one who flirted, the one in control of a situation, but despite Toby being so much younger, Bryce ended up flustered every time they spoke.


Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/dp/B00T72LTOS

ARe: https://www.allromanceebooks.com/product-burningup-1740463-340.html

Smashwords: https://www.smashwords.com/books/view/517111

Author Bio:

Silvia Violet writes erotic romance in a variety of genres including paranormal, contemporary, sci fi, and historical. She can be found haunting coffee shops looking for the darkest, strongest cup of coffee she can find. Once equipped with the needed fuel, she can happily sit for hours pounding away at her laptop. Silvia typically leaves home disguised as a suburban stay-at-home-mom, and other coffee shop patrons tend to ask her hilarious questions like “Do you write children’s books?” She loves watching the looks on their faces when they learn what she’s actually up to. When not writing, Silvia enjoys baking sinfully delicious treats, exploring new styles of cooking, and reading to her incorrigible offspring.

Where to find the author:
Twitter: http://www.twitter.com/Silvia_Violet
Pinterest: http://pinterest.com/silviaviolet
Publisher: Self-published
Cover Artist: Photo by Dan Skinner, Cover by Meredith Russell

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Red Lettering by Barbara Geiger

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Colin’s boyfriend Ren was flamboyant and fabulous, in or out of drag. Colin has been mourning him for seven years. When Colin walks into the local diner, he doesn’t expect to see Peter the flirty waiter dressed as a waitress. Colin wants to let Peter go, but somehow just can’t do it. It’s Halloween, the veil between the living and the dead is at its thinnest, and Ren still has a lot to say. Peter’s been hurt before, and Colin has truths of his own to face, but with Ren’s help, maybe they’ll have a shot at more than a one night stand.


This book took me several tries and in the end I just couldn’t get into it. The writing style is difficult to follow at times. The overall story is complex and flitting back and forth between current time and memories.

I won’t give it a rating as I admit I stopped reading at the 30% mark due to confusion and frustration with the writing style.


Safe in his Arms by Renae Kaye

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safe arm


In the late-night quiet of the caravan park shower room, Lon Taylor washes away the filth of the Western Australian mines. He’s not looking for anyone, but when Casey offers, Lon doesn’t turn him down.

Welcoming the young man in his big, hairy arms, Lon provides a safety to Casey that he has never known, and Casey wants to stay forever. Still reeling from the breakup of his family years ago, Lon’s not sure he’s ready for the responsibility of the comfort and security Casey craves.

But perhaps Lon can risk opening his heart again and hoping for a brighter future. Casey has some pretty big skeletons in his past to deal with. And Lon wonders what Casey will do when he finds out how badly Lon failed at protecting the ones he loved eight years ago.

Morgan’s Review

Lon comes home from working in the mines, hot, sweaty, exhausted. After a nice shower and shave he catches the eye of a hot, young, twink staring at him in the public showers. He asks the twin (Casey) to either suck his cock or quit staring. Figuring that will make the little guy scamper away, he turns back to his shaving. But what does he hear instead of the pattering of feet? “I’ll take option A.”

Renae Kaye’s book starts off with a bang right from page one and never lets up.

The story is both simple and complex. It’s simple in that Lon and Casey meet and immediately want each other. It’s complex in that both men have a past that is heavily influencing their future.

Casey was abused in his past. Badly. Really, really badly. But he’s strong and resilient, and despite receiving some amazingly bad therapy (not abuse, just wrong advice) he’s on the road to recovery. But he still has moments of weakness, of panic and it’s those moments that drive him into Lon’s giant arms.

Lon is a big guy, always has been. In addition to being physically immense, his heart is of equal size. He’s the caretaker. The guy you go to for help.   That back-fired once and now he’s gun-shy. Though Casey fits him perfectly,  Lon’s afraid he might let him down, and afraid Casey might not want him when he knows more about Lon’s past.

Despite their issues, (Lon’s past, Casey’s past, their age difference, family opinion, Lon’s work schedule ) they begin their affair and it burns brightly. Little by little they get to know each other and to overcome the hurdles. Fortunately, they have great friends with great advice and Casey has a wonderful new therapist who helps him to see things clearly.

In just a few months it becomes clear that the couple are more to each other than a casual fling and things really heat up. But the past resurfaces in a couple of different ways, forcing the lovers to face things they hadn’t wanted to bring to light. It seems like things might not ever be smooth sailing, but when pushed, the truth, as always, sets them free.

Again, I was delighted with Kaye’s writing. Though her books are both funny and touching, Safe in his Arms is also deeply emotional. It is clear she did some research because the subject matter here is not an easy one. I applaud how thoroughly she addresses the issues of intimacy between partners when one has been abused. There was no quick solution or “magic wand waving” to fix the problem. The couple had to address the very real concerns each had, and face them directly. (I also thought it was hilarious how the hurdle manifested for Casey, such a simplistic problem for a nineteen year old but when viewed through the eyes of the therapist it was really a very complex issue.)

I also really appreciated the fact that Kaye’s secondary characters were real people, too. They had flaws and talents, none being all good or all bad. I thought it was great that Casey’s grandma suddenly took a different tack in the middle of the book when faced with Lon as a boyfriend for her grandson. It made her very real. I also loved the intriguing side story about Lon’s brother and sisters. Every bit of the story was important and fascinating and kept me turning pages to see what would happen.

I absolutely loved this book and highly recommend it giving it 6 of 5 hearts.



Floodgates Audiobook by Mary Calmes Narrated by Michael Anthony

Dreamspinner presents: http://www.audible.com/pd/Fiction/Floodgates-Audiobook/B00PHF7FBU/ref=a_wl_c1_1_8_ttl


Tracy Brandt considers himself a lucky man. He has a wonderful family, good friends, and a dependable job. His love life, however, features a cheating ex who, though out of the house, is not yet out of the picture—with a past that just might get Tracy killed.

Homicide inspector Cord Nolan wants nothing more than to show his best friend’s little brother that he’s a reliable man, but to do that he’ll have to get Tracy to look past the player he used to be. It’ll be a tough sell; reputation is everything, and Cord’s is tarnished by his past indiscretions.

Tracy and Cord have spent five years trying to suffocate their fiery attraction under a blanket of grudging antagonism. When Tracy finds himself with a target on his back, Cord finally has the chance to ride to the rescue and break through the dam of Tracy’s reserve. But he’d better be careful: if Cord is breaking the floodgates to wash away the past, he’s going to have to hold tight to Tracy to make sure they’re still standing when the tumult recedes.



There is a lot going on in this story. Tracy is the ex-boyfriend of Breckin. Breckin cheats. He makes people mad. Tracy finally dumps him, but now Breckin is in trouble and someone wants to kill him.

Tracy is also working for someone who has a brother in the Russian mob. This gets Tracy shot.

Tracy has a brother who is a police detective. He has an ex-partner named Cord who is a man-whore. Cord and Tracy want each other. Badly. But won’t act on it because they know it will end badly. So, for 5 years they dance around one another.

Somehow, Cord ends up guarding Tracy, Breckin and Breckin’s most current love interest (Celia) against the stalker that wants Breckin dead and the people after the Russian mob brother.(It’s okay if you’re confused, because it’s really confusing.)

After 5 years Cord has decided to clean up his act and be the right kind of guy for Tracy. Now that Tracy is single again, Cord makes his play. Tracy, who has always had the hots for Cord, eats it up with a spoon and they make for a hot, hot couple.

Ultimately, Cord and some local police catch the guy after Breckin. Nothing important happens relating to the Russian mob. Cord and Tracy end up together for a very, very HEA.


I love Mary Calmes.

I love her.

I did not love this book.

It was meandering, hard to follow, had characters that did things that didn’t make sense, one completely dead end plot and one twisted and confusing plot.

The Russian mob part of the story seemed unnecessary and it added to my confusion.

Breckin was a cheater and had a hard time with monogamy. Though I really rooted for Cord and could tell he really loved Tracy, I wasn’t convinced that he was through with his man-whore ways. We got nothing to show us he had changed. It felt dangerous to Tracy to go from one cheater to another player.

I always love Mary’s alpha males coupled with the sensitive guy and that’s what happens here, but the background story (the stalker, the ex, the mob) took up more page time than their love story and it didn’t sit well with me. I didn’t feel as attached to the characters as I usually do.

Overall, this is not my favorite Mary Calmes story. I enjoyed it like I always do, but I didn’t love it.

I give it a 3 of 5 hearts.



Michael Anthony is new to me as a narrator and I mostly enjoyed his interpretation. I LOVED his Russian accent and thought his Tracy was excellent. He does emotion and the smexy scenes very well, but he didn’t do much for Cord and I sometimes had a hard time telling who was talking.

Since the story is confusing as it is, the listening was sometimes even more confusing and I found myself re-winding and listening again, even though I had read the book first, it was several months ago.

So… I give the narration a 4 of 5 hearts because it was mostly really good, but needed some tweaking to be great.


Overall, as a listening experience I give it a 3.5 of 5 hearts. I was glad to have read and listened to it, but it was not my favorite.




Serenading Stanley Audiobook by John Inman Narrated by Tyler Stevens











Dreamspinner Presents:



Welcome to the Belladonna Arms, a rundown little apartment building perched atop a hill in downtown San Diego, home to the city’s lost and lovelorn. Shy archaeology student Stanley Sternbaum has just moved in and fills his time quietly observing his eccentric neighbors, avoiding his hellion mother, and trying his best to go unnoticed… which proves to be a problem when it comes to fellow tenant Roger Jane. Smitten, the hunky nurse with beautiful green eyes does everything in his power to woo Stanley, but Stanley has always lived a quiet life, too withdrawn from the world to take a chance on love. Especially with someone as beautiful as Roger Jane.

While Roger tries to batter down Stanley’s defenses, Stanley turns to his new neighbors to learn about love: Ramon, who’s not afraid to give his heart to the wrong man; Sylvia, the trans who just wants to be a woman, and the secret admirer who loves her just the way she is; Arthur, the aging drag queen who loves them all, expecting nothing in return—and Roger, who has been hurt once before but is still willing to risk his heart on Stanley, if Stanley will only look past his own insecurities and let him in.

My Review

Stanley Sternbaum is a shy, very shy, grad student who is just now leaving the nest to study Anthropology in San Diego. He rents his first apartment ever at the somewhat dodgy Belladonna Arms, a place full of gays with only one “pesky” heterosexual in the bunch. He is immediately entranced by one of his neighbors, Roger Jane.

To Stanley, Roger epitomizes all things perfect and in fact, god-like, and therefore unattainable to a little, “nobody” like him. Even when it seems that Roger might be interested in him, he has a hard time believing, and is in fact doing what he can to avoid the man so as to avoid a broken heart.

Though he is avoiding Roger, he is not avoiding the rest of the wacky tenants, and though he wished he could, his mother. There’s ChiChi, the rent boy. Ramon, the beauty student. Charlie, the kleptomaniac. Sylvia, the transsexual. And we can’t forget Arthur, the super. Each of these characters go out of their way to bring Stanley out of his shell, and in fact spend quite a bit of time waxing poetic about Roger!

Though it is a tough road, it is very entertaining and Roger eventually manages to win over his “little mouse” and together they find their very HEA.


I can’t believe I missed this book when it first came out! I ended up reading this in preparation for the sequel, Work in Progress, and boy am I glad! John Inman is an excellent writer. He is funny, sweet, descriptive and his characters are sublime.

Stanley and Roger almost, almost!, take the back seat to the secondary characters in this book. Arthur is hysterical! He’s an obese drag queen forever having to haul himself up 6 flights of stairs and nearly passing out. He looks for love for all his tenants while quietly pining for his own unrequited love.

ChiChi and Ramon are two colorful neighbors who aren’t afraid to put in their two cents while in between entertaining “massage customers with special needs” (ChiChi) or practicing new hair techniques like pink hair dye for Stanley’s mother (Ramon). Charlie is a diagnosed klepto, off his meds and you can imagine the antics he gets up to.

Stanley’s mother is a foul-mouthed, chain-smoking, busy-body who only wants what’s best for her son but has a hard time showing it.

All in all they make for a hysterical crew of well-meaning friends who gently nudge Stanley into Roger’s arms and help him to see for himself that he is more than worthy of that kind of love.

I highly recommend this book and give it 5 of 5 hearts.


Tyler Stevens is a favorite narrator of mine and I think this ties as the best I have heard from him. He did a fantastic job with all the many and varied characters of the Belladonna Arms. Arthur is appropriately swishy/queeny. Sylvia is sweet and delicate. Ramon and ChiChi both have a fantastic accent with “attitude” and Stanley’s mom is perfect in her smoke roughened way.

I really, really enjoyed his narration and hope he does the sequel as well.

I give it 5 of 5 hearts.

Overall, 5 of 5 hearts.