Shifting Gears by Petra Lynn

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One rainy night, bike-shop owner Kenton Palmer finds an injured dog on the road and takes him to the nearest vet clinic, only to discover he’s actually a wolf. Undeterred, he wants to nurse the injured animal following a necessary surgery. The handsome Dr. Will Barclay’s interest and his own brand of animal attraction overwhelm Kenton, who’s been doubting himself after a failed romance.

Gray Fowler is a wolf-shifter and pack alpha. After Kenton rescues him and takes him home to heal, he’s forced to remain in wolf form. But that doesn’t prevent him from falling hard for Kenton. It begins as jealousy, but Gray soon discovers Will, Kenton’s new admirer, is caught up in something sinister. However, he’s forced to wait until he’s healthy before he can shift and enter Kenton’s life as a man. Then Gray must discover how Will’s shady activities are linked to the men who ran him down and expose the scheme before Kenton gets too involved with Will.

Morgan’s Review

Kenton finds an injured “dog” (wolf) on the road one night, apparently hit by a Hummer. Though he knows it’s dangerous, he approaches the dog and takes it to a vet for emergency care. The vet, who acts a bit cold toward the animal, informs him it’s a wolf, and wants to put it down. Kenton’s gut won’t let him and he convinces the vet to do the surgery, Kenton will assume the cost.

The vet, Will, then proceeds to hit on Kenton, who is pretty lonely and therefore, receptive. As the wolf heals, Will and Kenton grow “closer”, though something isn’t quite right with Will but Kenton can’t put a finger on why he has misgivings about their relationship.

The wolf/dog Kenton names Rain (since he found him in the rain) goes home with Kenton to recuperate and the two become best friends.

Meanwhile, we learn from the wolf’s POV that “Rain” is actually a shifter named Gray and he’s also worried about Will. Something about the man is off. Gray is also slowly falling in love with Kenton, but can’t do anything about it in shifted form and is too scared to shift back to man for fear of losing Kenton.

But… one night Gray overhears Will’s plot to take so-called rescued animals and sell them for experimentation, including some wolves Gray fears might be shifters. He breaks free of his kennel and shifts back to man (has sex with Kenton while Kenton thinks he’s dreaming) and then leaves to gather his pack to save the animals.

Kenton is heart broken at having lost his wolf, and his relationship with Will isn’t going well either. He’s confused about his dreams and then he meets Gray at his bike shop.  Kenton is attracted to Gray, but he doesn’t want to give up on his relationship with Will.

So…Gray has to convince Kenton Will isn’t the guy for him, keep Will from selling the animals and then find a way to introduce Kenton to the world of shifters … it’s going to be a busy night!

I wanted to like this, so much, but I really didn’t.

There were several things that put me off.
• Kenton is a doormat. He doesn’t show much of a spine and the personality we do see isn’t very attractive.
• Kenton and Will have more on page relationship than anyone else in the story. Will is a total douche and Kenton lets him get away with murder – literally!
• Gray does something very creepy after seeing Kenton and Will have sex (yes – on page sex!) that skeeved me out and made me uncomfortable.
• When Kenton finally does figure out Will is the bad guy, that Gray is Rain and that Gray is  his “dream lover” he doesn’t react like you think he would and it makes things feel awkward.
• The ending is lack luster. We spent all this time with Will and Kenton and barely a scene with Gray and Kenton together. Very frustrating.

The writing was ok, I didn’t see a lot of errors, but I didn’t like the MCs or the fact that most of the sex scenes were not with our two main love interests.

Overall I give it a 2 of 5 for having an okay writing style and what could have been an interesting plot but was executed poorly IMHO.



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