Rainbow Blues by KC Burn

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Having come out late in life, forty-three-year-old Luke Jordan is at a loss about how to conduct himself as a gay man. As a construction manager, he’s not interested in being out at work, but he’d like to find a boyfriend or at least some gay friends. Two years after his wife got all their friends in the divorce, he’s no closer to the life he wants.

Zach, Luke’s adult son, takes charge and signs him up for the Rainbow Blues, a social group for gay blue-collar workers. At an event, he not only finds friends but meets Jimmy Alexander, part-time stage actor and full-time high school biology teacher. Jimmy loves the stage but wishes potential boyfriends weren’t so jealous of the time he devotes to it. When he meets Luke and finds him accepting of his many facets, he thinks it’s a dream come true.

Their relationship quickly moves into serious territory, but their connection is tested to its breaking point by the offer of a juicy movie role that takes Jimmy to the opposite coast and into the path of a very sexy costar.


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I really, really enjoyed this new book by KC Burn.

I was already a KC Burn fan through her Cop Out series, so when I saw she had a new book coming out, I was excited.  When I saw that it was about an older man and another older man, my NOT twenty-something heart just about burst!

Without being depressing or boring, KC gives us a nicely more-realistic love story (I say more, because it is still a romance after all) between guys who are closer to 40 than 20.  The relationship has to survive busy careers, time management issues, long distance, kids and the two MCs have to make time for their relationship.  (When I read what I just wrote it sounds tedious and humdrum, but it wasn’t!  It was gentle, and caring, sometimes very sexy and hot and yet very really sweet and loving. )

Jimmy can be a neurotic queen, but you love each neurosis and totally root for him.  Zach, the son, is sometimes a selfish prick, but we understand his motives and love him, too.  And poor Ryan… well – you’ll have to read it to see what happens to him.

My only complaint is Luke:  he’s maybe a little too flawless.  He didn’t get to do much growing beyond his initial “I’m divorced and alone and I don’t know how to fix it” phase at the beginning.  After his son “fixes” that, he is pretty much perfect. He seems to have read and follow the  “How to be a great and understanding boyfriend” book, to the letter.

But – it works.  I just fell in love with Jimmy and Luke, and I suspended my disbelief and accepted that sometimes Hollywood will just come knocking on your door and that your twenty-four year old son will think your thirty eight year old boyfriend is a boy toy, and that your very first non-hetero relationship will be perfection…

Overall, it was great to read about older men NOT falling in love with someone half their age, (though that can be a good story) it’s a nice change of pace.  It was nice reading about a mature relationship unfolding in a way that you could really see happening to you or any of your single friends.

KC is a great writer, with lovely timing and an excellent editor.

I highly recommend this book – giving it a 4.5 (deducting only for the lack of true angst in Luke).



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