Wolf’s Honor by Laylah Hunter

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Dear Author,
I almost made it. I wasn’t a mile away from the edge of pack territory, but he managed to catch me. Now I’m pressed against the cold cement walls of this last hiding place. I can feel his heat behind me, his heavy breath on my neck. I absorb the pain as he wrenches my arms high up my back, immobilizing me. I wait for punishment. I’m so tired; I let my body relax into the inevitable. Running had been my last attempt at freedom. It’s been so long since I was free. Most of my life has been spent under the power-mad control of one Alpha or another, the curse of being an Omega. Everyone wants to own you, control you… use you. The image of the man behind me standing over my last Alpha, covered in his blood, eye’s glowing with battle rage; flashes through my head. That was only two days ago. In the chaos that followed, I managed to slip away. I hadn’t been out of the Alpha’s house in two years. I had hoped that no one in the pack would even remember my existence. The hard press of muscle, the scent of blood and power coming from the man behind me smothers my hope. I breathed in the scent of my new reality…

Photo Description:
A young, dark-haired man is pressed up against a concrete wall, face first. He’s held there by a taller man standing behind him, who leans into him possessively and has a hand on his forehead. The young man has his head tipped back and his eyes closed; the man behind him has an ambiguous expression that might be anger.

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Cory is running from Troy, the new alpha of his pack. All Cory has known is abuse as a lowly omega at the hands of the atrocious alphas. Troy is determined to show him that not all Alphas are the same.


This is a very short piece. There is no happy ending, but it’s definitely headed that way. Troy must prove his trustworthiness and Cory finally accepts him. They have a moment of hot sex to cement their bond and it’s left at that moment.

The writing is good, though the tidbit only left me wanting more.

3.5 of 5 hearts