Unexpected Spirit by Nicole Dennis

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unexpected Blurb

Can ex-lovers find their way back to one another while Samhain allows a desperate person to do about anything to connect?

A reluctant medium turned writer, Dmitri Terron, hates Samhain and the spirits invading his life. He follows the Druid path, creating wards and barriers to keep out the ghosts. Even with these barriers in place, an unexpected spirit enters his home. It’s his ex-boyfriend, Zackary Kendrick who is scared and relieved to find Dmitri.

Needing to learn what happen, Dmitri pushes past his personal barriers to help. Zack’s physical body rests in a coma. A piece of Zack’s soul needs to reunite with his body or all is lost.


Morgan’s Review

This is a short Halloween story in the series Scare This! (book 5). Dimitri is a medium, hiding from the world, an agoraphobe who gets bombarded with spirits seeking help each Samhain and Beltane. He’s learned some druid tricks to ward his house during these days, but even the most carefully laid barriers are breeched by his ex-lover Zackary’s ghost.

Zackary doesn’t know how he ended up in Dimitri’s home. He hadn’t seen the man in over 10 years and he doesn’t remember the last several days that led him to this point. He remembers thinking about Dimitri and going to their special place, then … nothing.

Dimitri thinks Zack is still alive, but somehow separated from his body. Zack convinces him to leave his haven to help him re-join the two.

Dimitri finds Zack in a coma and must work hard to get his soul back inside the body before the spirit grows too weak and leaves this plane.


There was a lot that happened in this short story but I never quite got invested in the characters. I didn’t really get the feeling, aside from gratitude and a new appreciation for what Dimitri goes through, that Zack had done much to convince me he and Dimitri would make it in the long run.

Since most of the story takes place with Zack as a ghost, we don’t actually get to see them as a corporeal couple very much.

However, it was an interesting Halloween story with a romantic twist.

I give it 3 of 5 hearts for being a seasonally fun romantic story.