The Price by Andrew Grey

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Hunter Wolf is a highly paid Las Vegas escort with a face and body that have men salivating and paying a great deal for him to fulfill their fantasies. He keeps his own fantasies to himself, not that they matter.

Grant is an elementary-school teacher who works miracles with his summer school students. He discovered his gift while in high school, tutoring Hunter, a fellow student. They meet again when Hunter rescues Grant in a club. Grant doesn’t know Hunter is an escort or that they share similarly painful pasts involving family members’ substance abuse.

After the meeting, Hunter invites Grant to one of the finest restaurants in Las Vegas. Hunter is charming, sexy, and gracious, and Grant is intrigued. With more in common than they realized, the two men decide to give a relationship a try. At first, Grant believes he can deal with Hunter’s profession and accepts that Hunter will be faithful with his heart if not his body. Both men find their feelings run deeper than either imagined. For Grant, it’s harder than he thought to accept Hunter’s occupation, and Hunter’s feelings for Grant now make work nearly impossible. But Hunter’s choice of profession comes with a price, which could involve Grant’s job and their hearts—a price that might be too high for either of them to pay


Basically Hunter and Grant knew each other in high school and are re-connecting again. Hunter doesn’t believe in love and Grant is the optimist. After a little bit of struggle, the couple realizes that Hunter can’t keep his current job and have the relationship he wants with Grant – so they split until it becomes clear that love is more important.

Andrew Grey always delivers solidly in the writing department and he does a nice job here of incorporating back-stories of alcoholism into the current relationship. I liked that Grant was able to identify that the father he knew as a child and the father he knows now are different people and that’s okay.

I really liked Grant and thought Hunter’s friends will make a nice new series if it goes that way.

4 of 5 hearts



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