The Marrying Kind (Owen and Nathan book 2) by Jay Northcote

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Nathan wants to put a ring on it, but is Owen the marrying kind?
Two years on from their first date, Owen and Nathan are living together and life is good—except they’re not on the same page about marriage.

A traditionalist at heart, Nathan wants it all: the wedding, the vows, and a pair of matching rings. Owen, on the other hand, believes marriage is old-fashioned and unnecessary. They don’t need a wedding to prove their commitment to each other. Love should be enough on its own.

All it takes is one moment of weakness on a night out to force the issue. Owen finds himself engaged after a half-drunk proposal, and Nathan’s enthusiasm sweeps him along. But as the big day approaches, the mounting tension finally combusts.

If he’s going to save their relationship, Owen will need to decide once and for all if he’s truly the marrying kind.


Just as we always suspected, it’s not always shiny-happy-dove-filled-moments when our MCs happy endings arrive. Such is the case with Owen and Nathan.

They are a typical couple who argue over the remote and the dishes, don’t always have super-star sex but really, really love one another.

When their friends get married it sets Nathan to thinking about his own wedding – to Owen. Owen, on the other hand, doesn’t have a great role model for marriage and isn’t quite ready to see himself march down the aisle.

However, in trying to make Nathan happy (so he thinks) he asks Nathan to marry him one night in a drunken bit of brashness and then lives to regret it over the coming months.

The dissonance between his actions and his feelings are felt by Nathan and the two grow apart – fortunately they realize the problem before it gets catastrophic and we do see the pair with their HEA, after all.


This was a very sweet, fun, more realistic look at love through the eyes of an established couple.

I loved how Jay Northcote managed to put in some of life’s realism into the fairy-tale romance. Owen’s job, his family, Nathan’s expectations… these are all things real couples have to manage, and sometimes love isn’t all you need.

If you enjoyed Dating Game you will want to read this and if you haven’t read Dating Game – you should!

4.5 of 5 hearts