Prisoner of Silence by Derek Adams

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On a cold February evening, Robert Chambers gives a panhandler a significant amount of cash. That gift allows Matt Cosgrove to turn his life around. When the men meet again, Matt, now employed at a local home improvement center, offers to build a shelving unit for Robert as a thank you. They become friends, and soon the chemistry between them cannot be denied. Robert, once betrayed by a faithless lover, believes he can finally build a relationship based on mutual trust and honesty. Then Robert discovers the dark secret that left Matt begging on a street corner. Their relationship appears doomed unless the walls of the prison of silence Matt has erected around his past can be breached.


Robert is walking with his pretentious friend on his way to an expensive lunch when a bedraggled but sincere panhandler asks for five dollars to keep him in a shelter overnight so that he can keep applying for work. Feeling that, though he might be being conned, it’s worth the chance, Robert gives him a fifty and moves on with his life.

A few months later, Robert is in the hardware store getting supplies to make some shelves in his kitchen when the salesperson asks him if he needs any help. It’s the bedraggled man, Matt, whom he had helped on the streets. Matt is now back on his feet and grateful for Robert’s assistance.

Their attraction is instantaneous and incendiary. Soon they are practically living with one another and in love. But Matt’s past catches up with him and it might just be enough to drive them apart, forever.


This was a short, very hot, very sweet book by a new (to me) author. I loved it! Though I wish it were a bit longer, it really had all it needed to be a complete and wonderful story.

I thought the coincidence was just believable enough to allow me to suspend my disbelief and to fully immerse myself in the love story of these two hot and yet sincerely caring men.

I highly recommend this book and give it 5 of 5 hearts.



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