Neighbors by Emma Wilson

Dreamspinner Presents

With some help from friends, Eric and Rhys might finally move beyond watching each other through their windows.
Ever since he moved to London, shy editor Eric has been watching his neighbor, Crooked Smile, jog every morning. Aspiring restaranteur Rhys eats breakfast by the window so he can see his neighbor, Bed Head, help the old woman downstairs clean off her car. When Eric’s roommate unexpectedly returns home for the holidays, she realizes their idiocy and, with the help of Rhys’s business partner, Andreas, tries to help both men see there might be more in their futures than they’re seeing through their windows.


Eric has been spying on his super cute neighbor, but afraid to talk to him because he thinks he’s in a relationship. Instead, he stares at him blankly every time they come across one another and feels lonely.
At Christmas, they are forced together with the help of their friends and they realize they both had been crushing on the other all along.
Very sweet, light holiday story. My only wish is that we’d gotten to see them together – if only for a little bit.


3.5 of 5 hearts


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