His Fallow Heart by Ava Hayden

Daily Dose Short Story
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Can a lonely, aging farmer and a loveless artist whose creativity has gone missing find happiness on the prairies?
Life would be perfect for fifty-two-year-old farmer Finn Garrity if he just had someone to snuggle with by the fireplace. But single gay men aren’t exactly thick on the ground in Eagle Tree, Alberta.
Successful artist Philip Connaway wonders if his creative dry spell has anything to do with his dried-up love life. When Philip takes his nephew into farm country in search of a snowy owl to photograph, he meets Finn, who offers assistance. Together, they find the elusive bird—and much more.
Despite the attraction between them, differences, misunderstandings,

and self-doubt threaten to end Finn and Philip’s romance. For a future together, Finn must take a risk, and Philip must find a way to bring love to Finn’s fallow heart.
WOW! This story was so well done!

Finn is a 52 year old farmer in Canada, he’s been alone for the last several years, and doesn’t see that changing. (Not too many senior gay farmer dating sites!) He’s pleasantly surprised when Philip and his nephew show up in town one day looking to photograph some owls that Finn thinks they can find on his property.

Philip is 46 and recently single, he’s an artist who has lost his inspiration. When he and his nephew meet Finn and see his property he thinks he might have found a way to get his inspiration back.

It takes some bravery, some trial and error and there’s some misunderstandings and hurt feelings, but eventually these two lonely souls find one another for their HEA.


The writing in this story is exquisite, the author manages to convey a wealth of emotion with some deftly crafted sentences and I found myself near tears several times.

I loved both MCs and even the sister and nephew were well developed.

The only thing I didn’t LOVE about this, was the very abrupt ending. I’m not sure if word count got to be an issue or if the author simply wanted to leave things in a way that was more vague on purpose, but I wish it’d been as well developed as the rest of the story or at least similar.

Once Finn and Philip get together they spend very little time together (on page) and though the author was very clever in how she gave us our HEA, it was so unsatisfying.

I wanted at least one more heart-to-heart discussion between the two to give me more of a feeling of permanence. I kind of felt cheated in that, though I know they end up together, I didn’t get to see much if any of that part of their relationship.

Overall, the writing was excellent and had this been a longer story I think it would have gotten a perfect score, I had to knock it down a bit for the ending.

4.5 of 5 hearts



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