Guest Post by Z. Allora, Author of Zombies Suck

I want to thank Kimi D. for allowing me to dance about her blog today! She said I could talk about anything… she’s is a BRAVE woman! I opted for sharing with you why I believe what we as authors and readers do is so important.

I believe romance books can change hearts and minds with every page turned. It’s the way in which I’ve chosen to promote equality and the concept that love is love.

To me it’s not my numbers on Amazon, my ratings on GoodReads or my royalty statements that determine my success. It’s whether my words touched someone, helped someone understand, given hope that everyone deserves a happily ever after and was the reader moved to stand up against inequality. If so I’m thrilled. Goal accomplished.

At a PFLAG meeting, one of our transgender kids grabbed a trans romance with tears in his eyes and asked, “They write books about people like me? And they end happy?” YES YES WE DO.

I’ve had a woman in their 70’s explain to me, “I didn’t know two boys could do it face to face. That’s really rather lovely.” YES, YES IT REALLY CAN BE

A man in his 40’s approached me and told me he was glad there was books about people discovering their sexuality later in life because that’s what happened to him and his partner. YES, YES THIS DOES HAPPEN.

I know some people roll their eyes at romances. I’m not one of them because I’ve witnessed hope, happiness and comfort they can give.

Understanding = Acceptance = Happiness

My books explore the spectrum of orientations and gender. I worship the edges of the spectrum because that’s where I usually find myself.

My latest release: Zombies Suck (Book 2 of The Club Zombie series)

Zombies suck… but mine swallow.

Of course, I couldn’t abide by the typical zombie lore that’s mainstream: walking dead, rotting bodies, running & hiding, um… NO! That’s not sexy.

Zombies Suck Blurb:
Forget undead corpses searching for brains. These zombies crave a different kind of head that keeps them young forever. Club Zombie offers safe haven, providing sexy ways to extract what they need from patrons, and the opportunity to find their destined mate.

Alex Waterman is ashamed of his “vile, unnatural desires” and lives a in a desolate world of loneliness and suffering until discovering… it’s not his life. Suddenly he’s swept away to a place where his desires aren’t evil, they’re a mark of the dominant he’s born to be, and appreciative stares and aggressive flirting replace fear and self-loathing. But one night stands aren’t on the menu: Alex seeks “the one” to complete the missing piece of his soul.

Boy-next-door Ulrich calls to Alex, as does the gorgeous but self-destructive Cutter, and an element of irresistible danger clings to bad boy Storm. How can Alex decide between three tempting possibilities?

Maybe he should keep them all…
Rocky Ridge Books:

Z. Allora’s Bio:
Every one deserves a happy ending… (and Z. Allora makes sure they get one). She’s written hot rockers, sexy zombies, and Thailand club performers– stories about love, romance and are tied together with erotic sex. Utilizing her extensive foreign travels, she brings readers to places they’ve yet to visit, introducing them to cultures they’ve yet to explore. But with every word she writes she hope to convey that love is love. She welcomes contact and looks forward to hearing from her “pretties”!

Contact information:
Facebook: Z Allora Allora
Twitter: @ZAllora
Pinterest: ZAllora Allora




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12 thoughts on “Guest Post by Z. Allora, Author of Zombies Suck

  1. Shirley Ann Speakman

    I enjoyed reading the post I don’t usually like anything to do with Zombies I can’t even watch “The Walking Dead” as it creeps me out but I like this kind of Zombie it sounds different. Please count me in for the giveaway.


    1. Z.Allora

      I PROMISE my zombies are sweet and sexy and just looking for their mates. (I don’t understand the rotting undead… totally not sexy!!!! Stopping zombie misconceptions one bj at a time!) Hugs, Z.

  2. susana

    Thank your for such a nice post. I do agree romance can soothe hearts and heal souls, and I do not understand why some people look down on it. Maybe they haven’t found the right one for them?

  3. casey baker

    I’m now reading my second book by Z. Allora, and i love them both. I can’t wait to read this one. I love zombies, all the zombies, and these sound fascinating.

  4. Elayne

    I haven’t read book 1 yet, but, I love the prospect of a different kind of Zombie. Go in on the TBB list.

  5. Dale Lowry

    What a lovely post. Romance is wonderfully life-affirming, and in a society that constantly tears people down, that can be as radical as it gets.

    I’m also intrigued by your vision of a different kind of zombie!


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