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Inside God’s Arms Season 1 (Yaoi Manga): A Room Filled With Love by Nekota Yonezou


Reno’s got a new roommate and his name is Roger Brower. His nickname is “Casanova” and there are rumors that he sells his body for money. Soon after arriving he asks Reno if he can leave the room for 3 hours once every 2 to 3 days so he can have sex with his clients, and Reno realizes the rumors are true. He tells Reno that he’ll give him some of the money he makes as payment for renting out the room for that time. Reno reluctantly agrees and everything is going just fine until the day he accidentally walks back into their shared room and is confronted with the sight of Roger having sex with one of his customers.

Kimi’s thoughts:

The art is stunningly beautiful and the storyboarding is as well done as you’d expect from a mangaka as experienced as this one. She’s the author of several djs as well as a seasoned mangaka who has been published by Japan’s Libre Publishing. The story is based on tropes fans of the genre will recognise, but it’s well done and the translation has panache though the editor could have helped smooth out some awkward phrasing here and there a bit better.

There is some whiting out of anatomy in accordance to Japan’s more recent censorship laws, but it doesn’t take away from the passion that leaps from the page. The facial expressions during the sex scenes are decidedly hot and the protagonist definitely falls into the bishie with glasses category no matter what scene he is in. It is a short read, the first of six volumes, but unlike many printed manga to e-book conversions, this one reads easily on the Kindle’s display (no doubt helping add to the “Oh no, it’s over so soon”feeling) so it is a pleasurable read all the way round.

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Rating: 4