Accidentally Mated (Fraser Lake Pack Book 1) by Lynn Tyler

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accidentally MatedBlurb

Tristan Massey didn’t set out to become the alpha of Fraser Lake’s werewolf pack. All he wanted to do was borrow a car. But he couldn’t ignore the dangerous direction his beloved pack was heading in.

Jake Trenton, tiger shifter, has a secret far more important than his unrequited love for his best friend. One that he will do anything to protect, even move thousands of miles away from everything he’s ever loved.

One night of passion ends with a mistake that ties them together for life and ends in disaster. While Tristan struggles with the consequences of letting go of his rigid control, Jake must decide whether he can show, and accept, his true nature.


This is the first in a new series, but as far as I can tell it is another extension of the previous “Pack Mates Series”. You can definitely read this as a standalone, but there is so much more to the story if you have read the other series.

Jake has just decided to leave his long lost unrequited love when Pierce mates Gavin. Tristan, who helped to save Pierce, sees potential in Jake (and maybe something deeper) and it calls to him to bring Jake into his fledgling pack.

Tristan, who has always identified as gay, has just become leader of the very unstable Fraser Lake Pack and thinks/knows that the idiots in his pack won’t tolerate a gay Alpha. However, he can’t help but be both attracted to and comforted from the submissive nature he sees in Jake.

The two dance around their attraction, making it fairly obvious to anyone looking that they are meant to be mates, but refusing to act on it for their own personal reasons.

Finally, in a desperate night of passion, Tristan mistakenly mates Jake and all hell breaks loose.

It will take a lot of back-peddling, some bravery, and the advice of good friends to fix things and get the pack back on solid ground, with the Alpha and his Mate as they should be.


I love Lynn Tyler books! She is really good at giving us fully developed characters in plots that are more plausible than some shifter books out there.

The world she has created is full of “insta-attraction” but not necessarily “insta-love”. Her couples aren’t always perfect, and it still often takes them a really long time before even mated couples feel really secure in their relationships.

I thoroughly enjoyed her “Pack Mate Series” and this is looking to be an equally engaging series as well.

4 of 5 hearts



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