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Believing Blue (Manchester Ménage #3) Nicole Colville


Reviewed by Kiwi

TITLE: Believing Blue

SERIES: Manchester Ménage #3

PUBLISHER: Hidden Pleasures

RELEASE DATE: April 20, 2016

BLURB: Is there a fated path we follow, or is it simply a series of coincidental events?
Police officer Kellan Howard is rumoured to have spent too much time in sub-zero temperatures, leaving him with a block of ice for a heart and women lining up to help thaw it. Mountain climbing is his only love, leaving no time for a relationship, and although meaningless sex satisfies his physical need, it’s empty. When he attends a fatal traffic accident, he didn’t expect his entire life to change. Along with a final message, Kellan is offered something else from the dying man: the chance to fall in love. Kellan’s never considered being with a man, but when he meets Valentino, he’s instantly drawn to him.
Suffering from crippling agoraphobia, talented Italian artist Valentino has a solitary existence, only experiencing life outside the house through his partner Stuart. When their relationship comes to an abrupt end, Kellan helps ease his suffering. A deep bond binds the two men together, and the sexual tension can’t be denied, but Valentino questions if the distance between their very different lives is too much, and if they can bridge the gap by themselves.
Ballet dancer Blue has a vibrant personality which demands attention, but his humour and courageous attitude are a shield. Blue’s good at making others believe in themselves, but what he needs is someone to believe in him. He could be the bridge both men are looking for, but Blue’s never allowed anyone to get too close, and when Kellan and Valentino enter his life, he desperately tries to protect his heart and his secrets.
When all three meet, the chemistry is undeniable, but each have fears about moving forwards. Together, they learn love comes in many forms. It can’t be restrained or labelled, and it doesn’t always appear in the way you first imagined.





“Blue!” both Things screeched at the same time and Blue cringed. “You’re a bunny?”
“Yeah.” Blue sighed. He’d explained this to his sisters, like, four times over the past two days what he’d be wearing for their charity event. If he wasn’t related to them and knew both his mum and dad, then he’d so guess inbreeding was the cause of the Things. “You look awesome!”
Both twins smiled that same bright smile and turned around simultaneously. They always dressed the same, ever since they were born, well, ever since they were conceived really, so it was no surprise both Things insisted on wearing Alice’s blue dress. They looked adorable though. With their flaxen hair tied back with a black ribbon and their pale skin seemingly airbrushed over, Blue was sure they’d get tons of donations.
No one could turn down the mentally handicapped, could they?
Okay, they’d never been diagnosed with anything, but Blue was confident it would happen one day soon.
Porsche and Mercedes gave him a kiss on each cheek, then just stood there… waiting, looking right at him. Expressionless. Serene in their obliviousness.
“What?” Blue looked through narrowed eyes at them.
“So—” Porsche…
“What do we—” Mercedes…
“Do?” Both!
They were living proof aliens existed! Seriously, one day some secret government agents would turn up, Area fifty-one-ing the place and taking the twins away for special tests.
Blue turned his nose up. “You’ve worked here, like, almost every day for the past year. What do you mean, what do we do? Work! Do the things you do every day.”
Both Things cocked their heads to the left, and Blue shuddered internally seeing their Children of the Corn vacant look. One of us…
“Okay… so…” Blue stepped back and looked around at all the complicated coffee machines. “You know, do stuff. Coffee shop stuff!” Oh, yes, he was awesome at this managing thingy. “Make coffee!” Yes! He totally knew what he was doing. His one-month experience at Costa was coming back to him.
Unfortunately, he’d been fired from that job… Something about blowing up one of the machines or something — Blue wasn’t really listening because he was covered in sugary foam, and that shit was hard to get out of your hair. Luckily, most of the customers and all of the staff were covered in it too, so Blue didn’t stand out as being odd.
It could have been anyone’s fault. Just because he was the one standing next to the machine and pushing all the buttons didn’t mean it was him who caused it to explode.
It totally was his fault, but still…
That machine was like some sort of bomb just waiting to go off. BOOM! No warning or nothing. Well, there’d been some sort of flashing lights and buzzing, but Blue had ignored them and continued playing around with the knobs and switches.
He failed to mention that part to Shayne though.
For no reason at all.
Considering his duties as supervisor done, he decided to set up three big bright yellow buckets and signs for people to leave donations in, then had some cheese on toast and a coffee. It was actually alright, so the twins had learned something in their year there. There was a constant stream of customers and Blue had to leave his coffee to help serve. Before he knew it, the morning rush was over and he set the twins up in the kitchen so they could start preparing the sandwich fillings for the next wave of hungry vultures.
As he quite obviously didn’t know what he was doing with the coffee machine, when it needed refilling, he called Thing One to come sort it out, and he took her place with Thing Two.
It was while Blue was stuffing his face with a chicken tikka toasted pita that he snuck a peek at Porsche to check she was okay. Left alone to her own devices she could do anything, or more likely, nothing!
He leaned against the door, peeking through the gap in the frame, watching her secretly. He found her standing still, vacantly lost in her own little world while she waited for another customer to come in. He was about to throw a slice of cucumber at her face to see if she was still with them, when the ringing of the doorbell chimed and she came back to reality, smiling pleasantly at whoever walked through the door.
Blue stuffed another huge helping of pita in his mouth, then choked on it seeing who had just come into the shop, coughing up chunks of un-chewed chicken tikka, and making Mercedes run to him, slapping his back really hard! Like too hard.
Crazy bitch was trying to kill him!
She must have some sort of hidden strength because she practically knocked Blue through the open fire door and into the yard outside with one hit. He was choking more because of her help. They ended up in the yard, taking part in some sort of teenage girl slapping fight while he struggled to get her off him, and she tried to save him. Blue was acting like some deranged wild blue bunny fighting for his life, and her like some crazed Alice who’d taken too much coke and was off her face, attacking random innocent bunnies.
He could see the headlines of tomorrow’s papers: Alice in Wonderland Charity Event Tragedy. Two dead and more injured. How did it happen!
“For the love of God, stop it. You’re making it worse.” Blue leaned against the wall, rubbing his back and breathing hard. “What the hell is wrong with you? Do you take steroids, have you been working out, what about some sort of alien powers which have appeared as you got older? I knew you were the evil twin. I just knew. Right from birth.”
Mercedes, AKA, Thing Two, stroked his back, cooing at him like some dove. “Feel better now?”
“Feel better? You crazy cow! You just nearly gave me a serious spinal injury. I’m lucky I can still walk. I may need corrective surgery later in life and it will all be your fault, Xena Warrior Princess.” She sagged her shoulders, toying with her hair and looking sheepish. Blue hugged her tightly and gave her a kiss. “Oh, get back inside and finish those fillings before our Shayne gets back. I need to snoop on Porsche.”
His only saving grace was that no one had seen him. So after grabbing a cloth to wipe his face down, he took up his secret position again, spying on his sister and the customer.



REVIEW: This is the third book in this wonderful series and gives us Blue’s story. I absolutely adored Blue’s personality. He and Kellan’s interactions with each other in the beginning had me in tears from laughing so hard.

The beginning of the book was sad; it started off with a heartbreaking tragedy. That tragedy however, is what brings these men together. The connection that these men make was fate and Ms. Colville as usual, tells this story in the most beautiful way.

Kellan is a man whose life is flowing along familiar lines. On the outside, he appears content with his life, but lately, he’s feeling unsettled and unsatisfied with the predicable paths his life is taking. An accident changes his outlook and an odd request from the man involved changes everything for him.

Blue’s character had so many layers to him. His personality takes on these interesting juxtapositions that I found fascinating. He’s flighty, yet grounded, confident and tough, yet self-conscious. He’s intelligent and funny and has a wicked tongue. He’s surrounded by friends and family who loves him yet he’s lonely.

Valentino is an artist who hasn’t been out in the world for quite some time, relying on a friend and his lover to bring the world to him. He’s content with this until his world is shattered.

Three men all on different paths in their lives. We as humans are all connected; it only takes Fate to bring us together.

This author masterfully takes her characters through every emotion: fear, longing, sorrow, grief and happiness. And she takes the reader along for the ride.

This author is absolutely brilliant. I love to read and I can honestly say that there are few masters in this genre and Nicole Colville is definitely one of them.

Take a bow, Ms. Colville. You have as usual, given the readers another masterpiece.

RATING: 🌟🌟Amazing🌟🌟

Author Information

                                      Nicole Colville




Welcome to the home of bittersweet M/M romances which will leave you craving more

Nicole Colville was born and currently lives in Leeds, England. She is a wife to her very understanding hubby and mother of two young girls who somehow manages to fit in being a full-time author of m/m romance and erotica into her busy home life.

She loves writing complex characters in bittersweet romances which will leave you addicted and craving more from her men

Although best known for her popular series, Hidden and Knights to Remember, she also enjoys writing with friend, and fellow author, E.M Leya. Together they have published two books in their Sinful Temptation Collection with more planned.

Her new ménage collection based in the popular city of Manchester, England is her first solo full length novel outside of The Hidden Series and has three books planned for release in 2015 & 2016.







Goodreads http://www.goodreads.com/author/show/7045302.Nicole_Colville














Guest Post by Lynn Michael, Author of Wanton



I’m Lynn Michaels and I live in Tampa. I’ve been writing MM Romance for about two years now and I have three full novels and three novellas published. When I write, I try to tell my characters’ stories in a way that is true to them. They don’t always do or say what I expect. They have many imperfections and issues, but that shouldn’t surprise me. My writing has always tended to be a little twisted. So, don’t expect the ordinary.

My latest book, Wanton, is about Corey and Jack and the hot mess they have to figure out if they want their BDSM relationship to work. Here’s the blurb folks:

Wanton-CustomDesign-JayAheer2015-smallpreviewTITLE: Wanton
AUTHOR: Lynn Michael
PUBLISHER: Rubicon Fiction
LENGTH: 190 Pages
RELEASE DATE: April 15, 2016
BLURB: Corey has graduated from college and is trying to find his way, but when his Dom/boyfriend, Jack, demands that he move in with him, Corey loses himself in emotion, fighting Jack every step of the way.
Jack is a rich owner of a real estate investment firm and he’s determined to keep his submissive/boyfriend in line, even though Corey refuses to use his safe words.
Will their play become all consuming, or will they learn to trust each other enough to find love?

Praise for Wanton:

From Inked Rainbow Review:

“I have to say Lynn Michaels truly has a hit with this book…I love how this book showed the bad as far as a DOM/SUB relationship when all factors in the relationship are not met but I also love that the author took those factors and helped the DOM/SUB grow into something better…” -Tosha

“Wanton tells the story of Corey and Jack as they try to understand both themselves and each other in the context of a BDSM relationship…There was so much of this book I absolutely loved…” -Alyson

From Diverse Blog:
“This BDSM love story was quite different than some I’ve read…Now, though it follows BDSM rules it often doesn’t…So it’s interesting to see two tortured characters unable to help each other. It’s an entertaining story and creative. I adored Corey to pieces and wanted to hug him all the time!”

promo 7 excerpt - pandora
~extra something~

While preparing for this special blog event, I thought I needed something fresh and fun. This is Corey and Jack from Wanton on vacation in Tampa when they run into Campbell and Stone from my next book, Evasive Maneuvers, coming this summer. Enjoy!
Tampa was glorious. Corey loved seeing the city. Jack had taken him to the beach earlier in the day and now he topped that off with a trip through Tampa and on to Ybor city, where they had their own Dragon Club. Corey bounced up and down on the balls of his feet, eager to check it out, as they stood in line to get in. The humid air smelled faintly of tobacco, coconut, and melted cheese, and the people around them chatted quietly, creating a low hum that surrounded them. “This is going to be fun!”
Jack chuckled under his breath. His dark eyes traveled up and down the old buildings of the historic district, and Corey could feel Jack’s excitement vibrating off of him. Then, he turned those deep blue pools on Corey and grinned wickedly. “I can’t wait to watch you on the dance floor, you sexy thing.” He nudged his hip against Corey’s and wiggled his dark eyebrows.
Corey swatted him on the shoulder and settled in for the wait, just as some guy barreled into them, knocking them back into people standing behind them.
Jack came up swinging, ready to take someone’s head off. “What the fuck?”
“Oh, sorry. Sorry, man. Damn, Campbell. I told you to stop.” The guy was as tall as Jack and his shoulders were wide like a guy who played a lot of sports. He had gorgeous coppery skin and dark hair, cut short around his ears. Corey bit his lip, hoping this wouldn’t get physical, but Jack could be overprotective, so he expected the worst.
“It’s okay, just watch what you’re doing, guys.” Jack slipped his arm around Corey, and Corey breathed a sigh of relief that Jack had relaxed.
“Really, I’m so sorry.” The other guy he’d been playing around with stuck his hand out and Jack shook it. This guy was skinny – skinnier than Corey, but taller. He wore a shirt made out of some kind of silky netting that showed off his lean muscle and the belly-ring that sparkled in the streetlights. His handsome face had mischief written all over it. “I’m Campbell Fain, friends call me Camp, and this is my boyfriend, Stone.” He shoved his golden brown hair out of his face.
“Stone? That’s really your name?” Jack raised his eyebrows.
Stone shrugged. “Yeah. Mom was really into soap operas.”
“Stone? More like a mountain.” The words slipped out of Corey’s mouth before he could check them.
Campbell and Stone just laughed, but Jack didn’t. “Corey!” Jack’s tone screamed DOM, instantly throwing Corey into his submissive role. His head dropped, eyes down, and his hands clasped themselves behind his back as if they had a mind of their own.
The laughter around him stopped as quickly as his submission appeared, and Corey’s skin tingled, knowing their eyes were on him. A lump caught in his throat and for a second, he didn’t know what to do. Then, Jack nudged his shoulder.
“Well, I’m Jack and this is Corey, obviously. We’re here on vacation, down from New Cabel.”
Corey lifted his head and stared at Campbell. He might have been smaller than Stone, but his facial expressions and demeanor were large; when he smiled – larger than life. His brown eyes sparkled. “Nice to meet ya’ll. Hope we’ll see you inside.”
“Sure.” Jack smiled. “I’ll buy you guys a drink.”
“Sounds great.” Stone waved and turned to walk away and then stopped. He turned back around with a puzzled look on his face. “Don’t I know you?” He pointed at Jack.
“I don’t think so. I’d remember meeting someone as striking as you.”
Corey nudge Jack’s shoulder, but he secretly liked it when Jack flirted. He knew it was harmless.
Campbell touched Stone’s arm, turning him. As they walked away, Corey heard Campbell say, “That was weird.”
Stone huffed. “But, I know him. I think he’s that real-estate dude. You know? The one St. James was going on about. Wolfe.” He snapped his fingers. “Jack Wolfe.”
Corey growled under his breath. “I can’t take you anywhere, can I?”
Jack leaned over and nuzzled his nose in the curls on the top of Corey’s head. “Don’t worry about them. This will still be fun for us. Dancing, a few drinks, then back to the hotel.”
Corey tilted his head back, begging for a kiss and his Dom did not disappoint him. His lips stoked gently across Corey’s, teasing at first, and then pressed harder, his tongue slipping between them. Jack moaned just a little when their tongues rubbed together, the saliva making the kiss juicy and hot. When he pulled back, Corey stared into his deep blue eyes, sensing the love and understanding that had kept them connected hovering there, near the surface like it wanted to explode. Corey sighed, knowing what that explosion would feel like. “Thanks, Jack. Let’s have some fun tonight.”
“Always, baby.” Jack wrapped his arm around Corey’s shoulder and kissed the top of his head. He pushed Corey forward with a gentle tug, as the line started moving.

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Lynn Michaels lives and writes in Tampa, Florida where the sun is hot and the Sangria is cold. Lynn is the newest addition to Rubicon Fiction, and she loves reading and writing about hot men in love. She writes paranormal and contemporary MM Romance
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