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The Cop and the Geek (Books 1 and 2) by Cat Blaine

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And book 2


cop and geekBlurb
Book One
James O’Brien is having a horrible day. He’s dropped his car off at a repair place in a bad part of town. While he’s there minding his own business he ends up in a bar room brawl with a mouthy homophobic thug.

Officer Scott Brown is the sexy, kind cop who arrives on the scene. He can tell immediately that while James is a geek, but he isn’t a criminal, and is most likely just a nice guy caught up in a bad situation. The two of them have an immediate attraction and when Officer Brown gives James a ride home…things heat up.


cop and geek 2Blurb
Book Two

Geeky James O’Brien was involved in a barroom brawl a month ago where he met Officer Scott Brown. The two clicked immediately, but sometimes geeky James worries he isn’t exactly what someone like Scott would need.

When Scott talks James into going camping, James is a little worried. He’s much more of a virtual camping kind of guy. But since it means a lot to Scott, James agrees. Once out in the wilderness Scott breaks his leg and loses their only working phone. Now it’s up to James to prove there’s more to him than meets the eye.



James is picked up and helped out by a police officer, Scott. James hates cops since his father was an abusive ass-hole and a cop. Scott is a single parent and very protective of people he allows in his life.

Scott is smitten with James right away and when he’s convinced James is a good guy he pretty much does the full court press to win him over. James is reluctant to get involved with anyone, much less a cop, but he can’t resist the attraction between the two.

In book two, the they’ve been together – dating – for a couple months and you can tell things are going well, but they are still miles from anything “serious”. James is still clearly reluctant to trust things working out.

Scott convinces him to go camping and ends up hurt – when they make it back to civilization their relationship has finally changed and is now on far more solid ground.


What I love about these two books is James. He’s such a believable character. He really doubts Scott all the time and is quite prickly. To counter that, Scott is almost super-humanly perfect and charming – but it works.

The smexy times are hot and the tender moments more so because James is so sparing in his warm-and-fuzzy moments.

4.5 of 5 hearts for the series



Plaid Nights Blog Tour with Excerpt and Giveaway


Excerpt: From “Tossing It” by Rob Rosen:
He took a spoonful of stew into his mouth, green eyes sparkling in the daylight. He was cute in a lanky, pale, freckled sort of way. He sighed contentedly as he set the spoon back down. “Just like mom used to make.”

“Back in the old country?”

He laughed. “Back in New Jersey. Though Newark is sort of old.”

We continued eating together, side by side. His leg brushed mine. It stayed brushed. I didn’t move mine away; he didn’t move his either. This was an odd turn of events. Was he gay? Not a clue. Still, most guys would’ve moved their legs away. Maybe he was simply oblivious. Straight guys sometimes had a habit of that. You just never knew. Then again, you could test the theory if you were so inclined. Me, I was always so inclined.

I pointed to a throng of kilted behemoths off to the side. “What’s with the skirted mountain men?”

He chuckled. “Caber tossers.”

“That some sort of Scottish slang for rednecks?”

He turned my way, eyes locking with mine. It was like staring into a field of emeralds. Guess I’d been too busy staring at his crotch before to notice. Shame on me. “Caber tossers. They toss logs. Poles. Big ones.” Well, he’d certainly know about big poles, I figured. “They’re up to twenty feet tall and almost two hundred pounds.”

“And they toss them? Why?”

“For sport.”

I ate a couple more bites of my fish. It was perfectly cooked, greasy and flaky. My stomach settled down. “Sport? Like tiddlywinks for giants?”

He nodded as he continued eating his stew. His eyes rarely left mine. I was all too glad to return the favor. I stared at his freckles, connecting the dots, constellations hidden in the patterns. “Something like that.”


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