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Crashing the Net by Samantha Wayland

Loch Awe Press Presents http://www.amazon.com/Crashing-Net-Samantha-Wayland-ebook/dp/B00M197TCA/ref=pd_sim_351_2?ie=UTF8&refRID=0MCAN7646D12FV8P0A6E

crashing the netBlurb

Mike comes to Moncton wanting nothing more than to play for the Ice Cats and finally live on his own terms. He’s broke, bruised, and covered from head to toe in cheap lube, but he isn’t going to let that stop him. All he needs is a place to live and some time to figure out how to reconcile who he really is with who everyone wants him to be.

Dumping three gallons of lube on the new kid is just another day at the office for Alexei. He knows exactly who he is: a goalie on the ice, a prankster in the locker room, and a man who knows better than to share his private life with anyone. He’s let people in before and it’s taught him that if he can’t have what he really wants, it’s better to be alone.

Despite their apparent differences, an unlikely friendship grows. Neither of them could ever have guessed how much they really have in common.

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H.O.T. This book is hawt! Mike is a 22 year old, newly living on his own and playing professional hockey. He meets Alexi after being beat up after a “night on the town” and Alexi becomes his protector and mentor.

Mike has the hots for Alexi but could never imagine that Alexi might also be gay. Well… he is and he’s been jonesing for Mike big time.

When the two finally get together they burn the sheets! Mike is the big V but that doesn’t slow him down. Alexi kind of likes things rough, but so does Mike so there’s no problem there.

There is a minor hiccup when Alexi feels Mike needs to go out and sow his wild oats before settling down and the fact that Mike hasn’t come out to his rigid parents… but those don’t last long.

Overall this was a fast paced read, the first half all about the sexual tension and the second all about exploring the reality.

There was a fair amount of tenderness and sweetness, enough to keep me satisfied, and a very happy ever after.

I highly recommend this book and give it a 4.5 hearts of 5.



Feral by Alexa Land

Amazon Digital Services Presents http://www.amazon.com/Feral-Alexa-Land-ebook/dp/B00C0ZVKHK/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1435723157&sr=1-1&keywords=feral+alexa+land&pebp=1435723158208&perid=19FRPZNM1TD938RJCB69


He was watching me.

I sensed his presence weeks before I saw him. Day after day, I peered out into the woods beside the lake house, unable to shake the feeling that someone was out there. But I never caught a glimpse of him. Eventually I convinced myself it had to be my imagination, that spending so much time by myself was starting to mess with my mind.

I was so wrong.

So begins Nathaniel Logan’s story. Nate is a twenty two year old college student, reeling after a recent breakup while struggling to find his way in the world. He’s spending the summer at his stepdad’s lake house in Northern California, where he’s supposed to be “finding himself.” But what finds him instead will alter the course of Nate’s life forever.



(Thanks again to Karrie Jax for her lovely art work!)


Nathanial goes to a cabin in Northern California to recover from his most recent heartbreak and to figure out what he wants to do when he “grows up”. While there he drinks a lot, ponders his navel, and finds a portrait of a man from 1927 who captivates him.

He finds himself dreaming of this man and creating an entire dreamworld around him. He also finds himself being “watched” or at least that’s how it feels.

One day, in a drunken rush, he injures himself and realizes that his dream guy, the man in the picture and the feeling of being watched are all the same being – Nikolai.

At first he can’t reconcile all these until Nikolai finally admits to being a vampire – a true monster – something inside him he can’t control and so evil he insists upon being chained up lest he hurt Nathanial unwittingly in times of severe emotion.

Of course, there’s more to the story – but that’s the compelling drama that makes up the bulk of this fascinating book.


Quite unlike so many vampire stories, Nikolai doesn’t love being a vampire, he doesn’t want to convert Nathanial to “save him”, he hates who he is when the vampire takes over. He’s centuries old but in some ways quite naïve as well.

Both Nathanial and Nikolai have so much to learn from each other as they learn more about themselves and one another.

The love between them is deep and affirming. The sex is very hot and the quandary they find themselves feels very authentic and is handled as realistically as a fantasy can be.

I loved the ending – but I’ll always wonder just what will happen in the years to come since Vampires never die…

This was quite a difference from the other Alexa Land stories I’ve read, but just as good if not better.

I highly recommend this with 5 of 5 hearts.