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Food For Thought by Amy Lane

From Dreamspinner:FoodForThought

Emmett Gant was planning to tell his father something really important one Sunday morning—but his father passed away first. Now, nearly three years later, Emmett can’t seem to clear up who he should be with—the girl with the apple cheeks and the awesome family, or his snarky neighbor, Keegan, who never sees his family but who makes Emmett really happy just by coming over to chat.

Emmett needs clarity.

Fortunately for Emmett, his best friend’s mom has a cookbook that promises to give Emmett insight and good food, and Emmett is intrigued. After the cookbook follows him home, Emmett and Keegan decide to make the recipe “For Clarity,” and what ensues is both very clear—and a little surprising, especially to Emmett’s girlfriend. Emmett is going to have to think hard about his past and the really important thing he forgot to tell his father if he wants to get the recipe for love just right.

Marieke’s thoughts:

Emmett is dating a girl, a sweet, good looking girl that wants a serious relationship, just like Emmett does. She has the perfect family, and Emmett wants it all. Family is everything to Emmett, as he doesn’t have one of his own. He’s always been alone with his dad, who loved him but didn’t know how to communicate it. His best friend Vinnie–– who’s family lived next door to him when he was a kid–– is his substitute family. Vinnie’s mom is the only mom he’s ever had, and she sees him as one of her own kids. That’s why she gives him a mysterious cookbook after one of their family gatherings.

That day Vinnie and his mom both try to talk to Emmett about his girlfriend, and about how he never seems to look like a man in love. They hint about knowing he might have feelings for men, and it scares the hell out of Emmett. If he’s gay, he’ll never have the big family he craves.

Keegan is his neighbor, and a good friend. They hang out all the time, and Emmett can’t seem to put his girlfriend before Keegan, who’s openly gay. With a little help of the magical cookbook, Emmett finds clarity, but so does Keegan.

I have to say, this was the first time I read an Amy Lane book that didn’t blow me away. The plot idea was good, but the way it was worked out, wasn’t. It all felt very stilted and too unnatural. It just didn’t flow. Emmett wasn’t as likeable as I like my main characters. Keegan is great, but his role is too predictable.

Vinnie’s family is awesome but they too have only a small role in the story. They probably have a huge role in Emmett’s life though, so I kind of missed that part. And in the end it all happened just a little bit too easy and too fast. It could’ve been amazing, but now it was just so-so. I was very disappointed as I am an Amy fan, but I can’t give it more than three stars. It’s not a bad story, but it’s not great either. For a light read before bed it’s perfect, but not exciting.

Rating: 3


Morgan’s Thoughts

As usual Amy made me tear up when I read about the death of Emmett’s dad… God – this was supposed to be a light sweet book! Damn you Amy (shaking fist!).

But… of course that helps us to buy into Emmett’s lies and betrayals.

I loved the cooking part and the paranormal aspect to the receiving of said book… In general I’m digging this series as a whole.

Another win for the Queen of Angst!


Threefold Love by Ki Brightly

Dreamspinner Presents http://www.dreamspinnerpress.com/store/product_info.php?products_id=6278


Captain Xavier Hobbs, a decommissioned combat engineer, was chronically lonely in the Army. But once he is back to being a civilian, with no family and nothing to ground him, he drifts. All he wants is a real home, a real life, and love—but that is easy to wish for and hard to make happen.

When he meets Andrew Landry, a high school English teacher, Xavier thinks he has found everything he has ever wanted, maybe even someone he can trust with his scars—the ones on his mind and body. Andrew’s quick wit and outgoing personality reel Xavier in slowly but surely. But he isn’t certain which way Andrew swings, and doesn’t dare to do more than hope the friendly man is actually flirting.

Then, on what Xavier idly wishes were their first date, disaster strikes in the form of Duncan McNeil, a fellow Wiccan and Andrew’s fiancé. Xavier’s hope is smashed to pieces, but Duncan and Andrew may have a different point of view. All they need is a little magic, some hope, and a lot of love to put everything back together.


My first impression is that I wish this had been released in the fall. With the storyline and the wiccan stuff – it felt like a fall novel. But – that didn’t detract from my enjoyment too much, and I did enjoy this very much.

I really enjoyed the characters. Each man in this triad is unique with their own special contributions to be made that together forms a more perfect union. That is always the hard part for any ménage/romance – to convince the reader that the three is better than the couple. In this case Duncan and Andrew are 15 years into their relationship and are not showing any real sign of trouble but when Xavier shows up, Andrew’s longing for a slightly different love-making experience is the initial crack that allows them to explore the idea of a third.

Duncan is solid, dependable, easy going and … surprisingly sexy in the bedroom! There is more to him than meets the eye and when we start to see the dynamics of the triad it is clear that Duncan is far more of the leader than anyone else and it’s his strength that holds the three together.

I enjoyed the wiccan information/storyline. I think it was perhaps important to show how they could open their relationship and still be consistent with who they are as a people.

All in all I really enjoyed this (new to me) author and this triad love story.

4 of 5 hearts



Outcome (Aftermath #2) by Cara Dee

Cara Dee Presents:  http://www.amazon.com/Outcome-Aftermath-Book-Cara-Dee-ebook/dp/B00NML5KGI/ref=sr_1_1?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1427768959&sr=1-1&keywords=outcome+cara+dee


Three years ago, Chase Gallardo ran toward freedom with his fellow survivors after having spent five months in captivity. He hasn’t stopped running since. Only now, it’s the memories he’s constantly trying to escape. Haunting echoes of a man who forced Chase to play the part of another, the kidnapper’s younger brother. Chase may have survived, but that doesn’t mean he’s really living. Until one day, when his employee tells him there’s a man sitting at the bar, wearing only underwear.
Remy Stahl has given up—almost. For a year, alcohol, drugs, and faces without names have kept him company. But he has two friends who refuse to give up on him, and they lock him up in his house in an attempt to save him from himself. But never underestimate an addict’s desire to see the bottom of another bottle. Remy escapes, and he doesn’t give a rat’s ass that he’s nearly naked.

This is the sequel to Aftermath, where Cam and Austin met, struggled, and fell in love. Outcome takes us back to Bakersfield with Chase and Remy’s story. Fueled by anger, guilt, and shame, they’re not off to an easy start. But it’s only a matter of time before they learn how much they need each other in order to move on.


(From previous site)

If you remember Aftermath – which you MUST read before you read this – you’ll recall that Chase was one of the captives held by Remy Stahl’s brother.  In fact, Remy was the “name” Chase was given and his role to play in the demented farce he was forced to play in the basement.  At the end of Aftermath, Chase is contacted by Remy in an attempt for Remy to express his immense regret that Chase suffered at his brother’s hands.

In this, the sequel, we pick up where Aftermath left off, Chase is a year out of captivity and he is feeling more secure in his life.  He has refused Remy’s apologies thus far and doesn’t think he will ever be ready to face him.

Remy, on the other hand, is checking out.  He is in a drug driven downward spiral that is only halted when his friend pulls him in and puts him in a forced “detox” situation.

Running from this detox, Remy runs into Chase by accident.  This spurs Chase into re-evaluating his feelings and the two enter into a somewhat strange, but infinitely mutually helpful relationship with each other.

They have many ghosts to vanquish and we see some very interesting new developments in the kidnapping case which may serve to split them apart.


I absolutely loved Aftermath and was so pleased to see the sequel.  This is a lot easier to read than Aftermath – mostly because we’ve already seen most of the horrors the men had to survive.  Instead, this was a delightful, healing sequel that showed us more of Cam and Austin and allowed us to see Chase and Remy come to peace with their pasts (more than just the past that they shared with Remy’s brother.)

Their love story is sweet and sexy and you will want to read this all in one seating, it’s so engaging.

I highly recommend this and give it 5 of 5 hearts.